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Attention please, cult potential!

  • 500 ml = a new package in Austria.
  • SILVER BULLET GRÜNER is the first to use this innovative 500 ml / 50 cl bottle – stelvin of course – upon a lot of request from on and off trade accounts.

  • Although being a super premium Grüner (playing in the "Smaragd" league) it is in an affordable price bracket => 500 ml / 50 cl.



The old dream of Laurenz, the Fifth, has come true as he always wanted to name a gruner the SILVER BULLET (well, growing up in California in the late 70ies ...). 

The wine shows its nobility. It grew on the slopes of Kamptal’s major town Langenlois in the vineyards of "Kogelberg", offering a lingering creaminess, length and a surprising yet very pleasant zip respectively.
It was a noble task, first to select the vineyard lots ideally suited for the style of wine we had in our minds and then to compose this wine – it was a bit like the Champagne assemblage when we added up to 17 different parcels for the 26,000 bottles produced of the first vintage 2008.

This Grüner gives you all the flavors of a modern white in an elegant and extremely enjoyable form: white grinded peppery nose with exotic hints and a floral bouquet. It is fresh, brimming of youth and full of joy. On the palate juicy elegance with a slightly creamy texture, yet dry with a lingering 25 seconds long finish.
"The vintage 2008 for me is the best in the last 10 years: What you get is a maximum of Gruner in great finesse", says Laurenz Maria. "… and it definitely lifts your spirit (=> brain to mouth – the next sip pleeaaase)".