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FORBIDDEN Grüner *limited edition*, off-dry

Forbidden Fruit

The “Grüner Men” Laurenz Maria & Dieter took up the idea from our friends in Germany, who produce exceptionally good Riesling in a lighter style with a touch of residual sugar. Our goal was to recreate Grüner that was once widely enjoyed in Austria, and secondly to show wine lovers around the world this new approach to our most prized grape variety.

We were so excited with this unique style of Grüner Veltliner, that we simply had to name it ‘FORBIDDEN’ based on the story of The Creation in the Book of Genesis. The serpent seduced Eva, and in turn Eva tempted Adam. This theme surrounding the ‘forbidden fruit’ is enhanced by a touch of residual sweetness, which gives our new Grüner sheer and endless complexity and beautiful balance and fruitiness.”

Forbidden Facts

The grapes for FORBIDDEN come exclusively from specific, pre-selected vineyard sites in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria)

The method used to produce this style is simple: to prematurely stop the alcoholic fermentation, to give the wine its low 11% vol., and at the same time, its delicate residual sweetness. It is so “forbiddingly good” and quaffable, that it is well in line with the LAURENZ V. credo: STRICTLY GRUNER & SHEER DRINKING PLEASURE

FORBIDDEN is initially available as a “limited edition” with just 33,000 bottles.


Fruity, delicious, harmonious. Off-dry with a light residual sugar & low in alcohol.


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