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August 14, 2014   ~   10 years of Grüner by LAURENZ V.
1610 - 2014   ~   404 years of the wine family

Well, everybody in the wine industry has his history, and ours is about pioneering,
Grüner Veltliner and always looking ahead. At LAURENZ V., we are convinced to walk our talk when we refer to our 900 years of tradition, 404 years of family history and our true innovative spirit.

1124 first documentary evidence of a Moser

A Mr Moser was mentioned to run the then already 200 years old cellar in Rohrendorf, a stone's throw away from Wachau (in the west) and Kamptal (in the east, our today's home).

In medieval times, wine was predominantly produced by monasteries and noble men. "Ordinary" people could only be responsible for cellars and vineyards - at the most.

*** 1610 *** 15 generations Moser wine family

From this date onwards, Laurenz Maria Moser V's mother was able to track down the Moser family, always living in the same village Rohrendorf and being occupied with farming, including vineyards.

Very good documentation by the church and the Habsburg administraion made this research possible.

1849 Anton Moser buys family winery

Anton Moser buys the same cellar a Moser was working in already in 1124 and starts a great winery & vineyards for the family.

It was only from 1848 (Austria had the revolution) that a non clerical, aristocratic family could by property.

1880 Laurenz I

Anton's son Laurenz I (1830-1930) takes over the cellar and expands the business.

At the high point of the "Danube Monarchy" of Austria-Hungary, 1880 is the year when Robert Stolz (composer & conductor) is born, Sigmund Freud (analytic psychology) meets his wife-to-be and Gustav Klimt (Austrian symbolist painter) receives his first commissions.

1913 Laurenz II

Laurenz II (1868-1938) follows in his father's footsteps.

This is the last year before World War I, the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I reigning the Monarchy for almost 65 years while the conflicts in the Balkans are coming to the head.

1929 Laurenz III: family & Grüner on the map

Laurenz III (1905-1978), better known as Prof Dr Lenz Moser III. He is the first to put the Moser wine family on the map. He was a "cool guy" whom Laurenz V had the joy knowing for more than 20 years.
Being the second born, Laurenz III started his own house, farm & vineyards back in the mid 1920ies. Laurenz V was already alive in the 1960ies to experience a "mixed farm" with all sorts of animals (pigs, cows, chicken, geese), agriculture and vineyards.

Young Laurenz "Lenz" Moser III was an inventor and a true pioneer from the start. Besides all kind of agriculture machines or architectural talents (he built for himself the then first time Atrium house of Austria, Roman style) his focus was viticulture. He foresaw that modern vineyard work had to use modern technologies. Hence he created modern trellising - he enlarged the rows and made it possible for tractors to work the soil. Whenever you see wires in a vineyard, "Grandpa Grüner" used it first on the globe.

Why "Grandpa Grüner"?
Austria got lucky as Laurenz III was looking for the ideal white wine grape for his new trellising method and for the country. Amongst more than 100 varieties he picked Grüner Veltliner, at the time less than 1% of Austria's total acreace. Thanks to his efforts, Grüner is
Austria's most popular grape variety today, accounting for approximately a third of the country's vineyards.

For his contribution to Austrian viticulture, Laurenz III received a honorary Doctor degree and also the title Professor of Vienna's University for Agriculture - hence Prof Dr Lenz Moser III. In addition, together with his twin sons Sepp & Laurenz IV (born Dec. 31, 1929), he built Austria's most famous "Weinkellerei" based on the longtime family winery in Rohrendorf.


1953 Laurenz IV

Apart from being an integral part in farming Austria's best known and largest winery - the Mosers' family winery, Laurenz IV started Austria's first biodynamic vineyards: Under his guidance, the "Knights of Malta" estate north of Vienna in the Weinviertel winegrowing region was converted already in 1978. He also opened Austria towards exports after WWII and expanded to some 40 countries. What else would you expect from a family of pioneers.

*1956 Laurenz Maria Moser IV

When Laurenz IV sold the family's winery to a group of investors in 1986, Laurenz V became managing director of the estate, until he followed the call of the Robert Mondavi family to build their own European business. After the sale of Robert Mondavi to Constellation, Laurenz V went back to Austrian winemaking.
The result:

On August 14, 2004 the three "Grüner Men"
Laurenz Maria Moser V, Dieter Hübler and Franz Schweiger started: